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Custom Engraved Glass Star Map + Frame

Custom Engraved Glass Star Map + Frame

Custom sky chart laser engraved into glass or wood.


Always remember that special moment with this custom made beautiful, and intricate skymap. Using the European Space Agency's Hipparcos star catalog we are able to accurately calculate the positions of the stars for any date and location in the past or future.


You can give a gift certificate! Simply select "Gift Certificate" and we'll send you a print-out containing a item equivalent code redemmable anytime on this website.


We also offer Sky Map prints. Simply select "Print" from the product drop down menu and then, if you would like a custom color enter the option HEX color code. You can visit this website to determine the HEX code of the color that you want:   ---From a Picture OR


Free Shipping*

Comes in a sleek black frame, style may vary*


    Since this is a custom product we do not accept returns for Sky Charts; however, should we make a mistake please email us.


    Size: 11" x 14"

    Available in: Birchwood and Glass

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