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Line of Authority + Frame - Custom Engraved

Line of Authority + Frame - Custom Engraved

Your line of authority, custom laser engraved, tracing back your Priesthood power. Simply order your line of authority and we will send you a purchase confirmation email containing an easy to fill out sheet giving us your Line of Authority information. Send this sheet back to us and expect a custom line of authority on your doorstep within 1.5 weeks. 


You can give a gift certificate! Simply select "Gift Certificate" and we'll send you a print-out containing a item equivalent code redemmable anytime on this website.


If you wish to request your priesthood line of authority, include your full legal name, birth date, membership record number (available on a temple recommend or from your ward clerk), the name of the individual who ordained you to the office of elder or high priest (if known), and your return address and telephone number or email address.

Send your request to:


Priesthood Line of Authority
Global Service Center
120 North 200 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-1514
Fax: 1-801-240-6816
Telephone: 1-800-453-3860, extension 2-3500


For email inquiries, send an email to with PLA in the subject line. In return you’ll receive a form to fill out and return (there is an automated reply to any message that contains “PLA” in the subject line).


*Comes in a sleek black frame

*Free shipping


    Since this is a custom product we do not accept returns for Line of Authorities; however, should we make a mistake please email us.


    Size: 11" x 14"

    Wood: Birch

    Thickness: 1/4"


    You will receive a confirmation email detailing your order as well as an email (sent within 24 hours) containing instructions on how to provide us with your Line of Authority information.

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