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The Mission Map

The missionary gift.

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Find Your Mission Map

Don't see your Mission?
and we'll make your mission's map!


We make custom-designed street maps of where they were called to serve.

Laser engraved into premium birch wood, they're designed to last for generations.

We believe that the best gift is a custom gift. Gift-giving can be hard. We make it easy.

The perfect missionary gift

It’s not just a map. It’s a time machine.


Hi, I’m Taylor,


the creator of My Mission Map. I am currently a college student and a true believer that the best gift is truly unique and can only be given once. I live in Utah, but I design maps of places all over the world. 

I served in Argentina and Louisiana

Thanks for checking out my site, feel free to reach out with any questions

Thanks for Reaching Out!

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Any Mission • Any Message • Any Adventure

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